Mixing Music

Mixing Music

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Mixing is the process where your recordings come to life. Sound wise it’s by far the most important step of your production. A great mixing will also take your songs to a new level, giving them a top-notch sound and finding depths that you did not think were there.

Mixing service for recorded music, film/TV and recorded live sound. Also online mixing services provided.

On-line mixing is also provided.

Preparing Stems for mixing

The process is really simple. Please following:

  • From your DAW name your audio tracks in short names. ie for Kick Drum is KD,Snare Drum should look like SD and if you have four layers of High Gain guitars then the names should be HGTR1,HGTR2 etc.

  • Export your music in the highest available bitrate and depht, preferably choose 44.1KHz/24bit – 44.1KHz/32bit or 48KHZ/24bit – 48KHz/32bit

  • Export the stems from your DAW with no effects in your chain. If you have any process in your master buss like compressors and tape saturations please remove that as well. The meaning of let me mix your song is start a new session and listen what is best for your song. If you want me to use something on your song, please feel free to make some notes, and I will be more that happy to assist further.

Then you can send me the files through Dropbox or a large file transfering service like WeTransfer. Please make additional notes that you me to follow during the mixing process. While processing your song(s), you will receive demo mixes in order to track your progress of your mix.

What you receive in this pack :

  • Mix Ready 44.1KHz / 24bit song

  • High-quality mp3

  • Two revisions included

  • Instrumental & Acapella of your song

If you have more questions about the mixing process or you want to learn more fee free to contact me by click here