Music Video is A-Live

Music Video is ALive

By Margarita Tsirigoti

Media is the base in which social media trends rely on. In the music industry as in all different industries as well, we see trends being launched and after a while are identified as traditional media and new technologies or trends are coming in and are established as new media.

Since Facebook launched and managed to establish ‘Facebook Live’, the Live Video Streaming technology, on April 2016, was available to everyone through the famous platform (App).As this attempt was set successfully, and the audience supported it fully, the idea for the first live music video was set. Even if there were previous attempts of live music videos, Gwen Stefani managed to “Make History with the first live music video on TV”, that was broadcasted during Grammy night in 2017.

Gwen Stefani and her team managed to release the live music video, sponsored by Target, for her new song “Make me like you”, which aired during a four-minute commercial break on Grammys night. The performer, managed to sing, act, dance at the same time and go through frequent wardrobe changes and multiple sets. This attempt needed a lot of rehearsals and it was a high risk project and as most of critics reviewed as a pure success. The cost number of this attempt was $12 million.

After this live music video, a new idea has been launched and established as a New Media Trend in Music industry and is expected to be developed in the immediate future.


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