Creative Influencers

Creative InfluencersInfluencers is one of the most fashionable way of marketing at the moment. In all social media you are able to see individuals who are supporting products or services throughout their blog, vlog etc. But what exactly is influence marketing? Does it apply in creative industries?

Influence marketing is a type of Marketing where, instead of creating marketing strategies in order to approach the target audience, you are collaborating with people who has already a target audience, fan base (they are usually called key leaders or simply influencers) who will spread the word for your product. How this would apply in creative industry?

The simplest answer would be by questioning you, if a friend of yours tell you that he went to see a movie and he recommends it to you as he knows what you like and you trust him, you will easily follow his lead. Now, imagine the same thing in a big audience like thousands of followers that an influencer has. By collaborating with at least one that has to do with your business and product, he will spread the work e.g for your film to his target, which as they trust him will follow his suggestion. Again a new question is raised. How do I find them? The answer again is simple, since this trend has been established, websites and platforms have been created (sometimes it looks like a directory) that you are able to find the influencer that is specialized on the industry that you do business. Websites such as: and are some of the platforms that you are able to sign up, find your perfect influencer match and raise your business reputation, audience target and sales. So just create your product, sign up and good luck!!!

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